Intro to M2M Coaching

Are you thinking about a big change or decision in your life, and would like someone to talk to?  Someone who can listen, offer ideas and support, and challenge you to grow?


In my life no important change has happened without being guided by such a person, be it a coach, mentor, or someone outside my circle.

I've coached many men as they made positive, and sometimes tough, decisions in their careers, relationships, and inner lives.  Usually, this is in the form of Life or Career  coaching, but the focus is always on you.


If you'd like to explore M2M Coaching more, let's connect!

Jim Alstott, PhD, ACC
Phone: 317-695-9940

What People are Saying

David Lauzun

VP, Transportation Strategy, Siemens

"peels back layers"

Nathan Foxton


Chris Wood

Public School Teacher

David Delafield

VP, Bus Dev


"thoughtful and calming"

"incredibly approachable"

"you will be challenged"

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