Do you regularly think about the idea of courage?  If Google Trends is any indicator, not many people do.  Unless you are a rock climber, maybe.  So what is courage?
From ancient times, civilizations have described what constitutes a good person.  The Greek...

It was a grey and dismal morning around 8am when I was approaching the transition from I-69 to I-465 South.  The sun had just cleared the eastern horizon and was streaming light under the cloud cover.  And then it happened:  a rainbow appeared right in front of me, jus...

What is Signal-to-Noise Ratio?
If you’ve ever tried to fine tune the reception of an AM/FM ratio so you could better hear the station amidst the static, you have an understanding of what signal-to-noise ratio is. In communication, the signal is the information you wa...


     Q:  What do you want to be when you grow up?
     A:  I want to live a story worth telling to my kids.
This is how the young owner of a thriving business describes himself on his company’s web site.
How do you answer the...

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