Frequently Asked Questions


How does this work?


First, most professional coaching is done by phone or video chat, so the coach and client do not need to be in the same local area.


Once initial contact is made, an introductory meeting is set up to get acquainted and see if there might be a good fit. 


If there is, then a Discovery Session is scheduled, usually for an hour or so.  Here the coach and client explore potential areas to work on, and how the client wants to be coached.  


If that goes well, a coaching agreement is signed and paid coaching sessions begin.  Sessions are as often as once a week, but every other week is also common.  Typically, there is a minimum of 4 sessions.


What is your coaching style?


I coach “in the moment,” responding to the client’s immediate desires while guiding the discussion along a healthy path.  I try not to take my self too seriously while remaining focused on the serious work the client wants to accomplish.  My goal is to create and cultivate a life-giving environment such that the client grows naturally in a way suited to them.


What about privacy?


Our relationship and what we discuss is strictly between the two of us.  Should we see each other somewhere, I will act as if I didn’t know you.  Unless, of course, we already knew each other, and then our coaching relationship is still ‘classified’



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