What Guys are Saying

Dave Lauzun, VP, Transportation Strategy, Siemens, Detroit


Jim has provided me with Executive Coaching over several months. I found him to be very thoughtful and "calming" in his approach. Jim helped me work through several thorny issues that I needed to address, and his advice was instrumental to this process.

Nathan Foxton, Artist, Indianapolis


Jim is incredibly approachable. I've moved around for school and work, and I needed to reassess my priorities. I found him to be a great coach for putting my cards out on the table and sorting through my goals.

Chris Wood, Public School Teacher, Indianapolis


You will be challenged to go beyond what is familiar; what has been routinely comfortable. Discovering grace and discipline has helped me to break out of the familiar patterns of anxious thoughts, conceit, and melancholy

David Delafield, VP, Business Development, Bada-Sport


Being remote from customers and colleagues presents unique challenges. Jim was able to peel back the layers on a personal and professional level and identify concrete suggestions. Together we built specific operational solutions, and developed a continuous improvement approach for the longer term.

Adam Buckland, Software Developer

I have known Jim as a coach, and friend, for nearly 7 years. In that time, I have faced some of the biggest changes and toughest decisions of my life. Jim was always a source of encouragement as well as accountability to help me make the wisest choice for the road ahead. He is definitely a guy that I want in my corner to help guide me through life's obstacles. 

Kirk Briscoe, High School Special Education Teacher

Jim should not be described as an answer man but rather a question man.  His coaching approach, using pointed and pertinent questions, has allowed me to uncover my correct path in all aspects of my life.  I now find myself emulating Jim’s effective techniques at both work and home.

Daryl Harris, Sports Equipment Dealer

Jim has been my coach for the past several years.  He genuinely took interest in my life and in a non-judging manner has given me thoughtful and insightful coaching through the years.  He won’t tell you what to do, but rather give obtainable suggestions in areas where you are looking to grow and improve yourself.  

Mark Brown, Fireman
Jim has, by humble example, shown me how to use weakness as a strength.  I have found that seeing a transparent coach is one of the most helpful characteristics in understanding my own needs.  Jim is that person.

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