Like many of us, I never have enough time to do all the urgent and important stuff on my list. Most folks in my circle are in similar straits. So we rush thru the day hoping for a miracle, end the day overly tired, and repeat the cycle the next day.

Yet sometimes there is a person who seems to excel and relax at the same time. One of these people is Lebron James.

When describing Lebron James, many superlative words are used to describe him. But “resting” is not one of them. Yet this recent article from ESPN says that, though Lebron runs faster than anyone else on the court, he also stops and walks or just stands many times when you might expect him to be running.

The skill Lebron has perfected is rest, and apparently, he is Very Good at it! He runs faster than anyone, then simply stops longer than expected, or walks a few steps more than is typical. He has managed to tune his body and mind to use these quieter times to refresh and recharge. Then repeats the cycle by out-running everyone else. And outscoring them every time!

OK normal people: As we rush through our days and lives ... do we have planned rest times, however short, that allow us to recharge and refresh? even for a minute or two?

If so, please share how you learned to do it ... and what have been the benefits?

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