Why not defy death in your spare time for a piece of bliss? That's what the guy (or gal) in the picture is doing. Defying fate, he swings over a vast valley and a vacuum that would frighten anyone. Not him.

We don’t normally think of taking such risks as creating bliss. But this guy, and others like him, choose to ignore the rules governing safe living, for an experience of total freedom. If for just a few minutes. Unlike skydiving or free climbing, taking a swing over an abyss (this one is in Ecuador) requires little skill. Nothing more than we learned as a kid on the playground swings.

It was on the playground that we learned to hold on tight as our parents pushed us those first few swings. We trusted them bit by bit and started yelling: Higher! Higher! Then we learned to pump our legs and body. Now swinging higher and higher under our own power. A playground version of heavenly bliss. Inevitably, we fell off a few times, scraping a leg or nose. But we got back on the swing anyway. Heaven was worth it. In all its simple beauty.

I wonder if, in our screen-driven lives, we have lost that sense of heaven in the simple things of life. Like swinging, or walking (not running) in a park, or slowly enjoying a cup of tea in a quiet corner. Something or somewhere that allows our soul to escape the mundane and be free, at least for a little while. Enjoying the simple things we learned when we were kids. Isn’t that what Heaven is all about?

Where do you find your heavenly bliss?

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