I was getting a haircut at my regular place today. A Jimmy Johns delivery guy came in, carrying a display-style box of sandwiches. He said he was from the local JJ store and the sandwiches were complimentary. So we all took one. Later I talked to the JJ store manager; he said his store has a binder with all the businesses in their delivery area. Several days a week the store delivers complimentary sandwiches to a few of them. He also said not all JJ stores do this. The barbershop said that JJ comes around about twice a year.

This made a big impression on me. Because our products and business are all so different, handing out free samples in our “delivery area” may not be feasible. But what slightly different thing could we do, simply to say “Hello, we’re here to serve?” Something more meaningful than the standard swag we all have too much of?

Please share your ideas or experiences with this idea. I’m sure this will not weaken your competitive edge.

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